Tell me if i did something wrong. Please say to me what is hurting you? Even im doing nothing could you please stop treat me as if im guilty? Im alone. Im boring. Im missing you. I want to talk to you. 

Sometimes i dont know what should i feel. Lots of people says, man be the guy who girl gonna cry when youre not there. Not being the man who gonna cry when your girl arent there with you. They said to be the man with a high ego. 

Tp entah. Im not that type. Judge me. 

Ikutkan dgn ape yg engkau buat. Aku mcm nk marah. Aku mmg nk marah. Being treated as if im guilty. Who am i? Im your friend? Your scandal? Please. I dont know until when i can stand this. But im hoping that i could stand this forever. But what if i couldnt?