Jgn terlalu bergantung harap dkt orang lain. 
Jgn letakkan bahagia kau pada orang lain. 
Nanti bila orang lain tu takda, dia bawak pergi harapan dan bahagia yg kau ada. 
Dan kau tinggal tiada apa. 
Its not easy to talk about aspiration, to talk about hopes. Its not easy to post things about something about convincing people because first, you need to be trusted and you need to be respected. And in order to become one, it ain't easy. Besides than confidence, you also need a lot of knowledge where knowledge something that is too wide. Wide, a lot, massive knowledge. To become and influential person is not easy. I jv always wanted to write about my opinion and people will be like, woww, yeahh, thats correct, im agreeed with you! It aint easy. 


Setiap kali naik cuti mesti mcm ni. Mesti seminggu dua, lepas tu selisih faham. Seminggu dua, lepas tu selisih faham. 

No baby. Im not tired. I will not get tired. Its just that I don't want fights. I don't want misunderstanding. I don't want it. 


Cukup rendah ego aku bila setiap masa aku yang menunduk minta maaf. 


I'll just hurt anybody who stays near me.